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FAQ: What is Chorus Logistics’ AXLE Hub?

Chorus Logistics provides a state-of-the-art cloud-based bulk commodity transportation system with both web and mobile apps. Our proprietary dispatch and ticketing transportation solutions are based on client demand, focused on commodities, and can be completely configured to meet your needs.

Our goal is and has always been, to be an industry leader in bulk commodity transportation systems (CTS). We believe our unique products have allowed us to accomplish this goal by allowing our customers to improve efficiency and visibility in their logistics supply chain on their way to profitability.

At Chorus Logistics, our suite of transportation management products is comprised of a cloud-based product called AXLE Hub and a mobile, e-ticketing application called TollTagger. This blog spotlights AXLE Hub, but you can find more information about TollTagger here.

What is AXLE Hub?

AXLE Hub is a robust, cloud-based platform that supports multiple commodities including crude oil, NGLs, LPGs, water, sand, asphalt, and more.

How Can AXLE Hub Benefit My Business?

  • Because AXLE Hub can adapt to corporate, supplier, customer, and regulator profiles, it allows for a tailored experience.
  • It will optimize your fleet or 3rd party carriers with the best allocated loads and drivers.
  • It can maintain and create dispatch schedules and track trucks and trailers in real-time.
  • It allows you to maintain driver calendars and schedules with their supporting qualifications and certifications.
  • It allows you to automatically create invoices for purchases, sales, and transports as billable events are incurred.
  • It lets you manage inventory across all your facilities, yards, and individual tanks.
  • It offers full support for mile matrices and rate sheets.
  • You can track your driver and company revenue in real-time, gaining immediate visibility on your daily business operations.

What Are the AXLE Hub Modules?

AXLE Hub is designed around a series of modules that perform different functions. They are configured for dispatch optimization and to assist with order entry. The modules include:

  • Driver Assignment – AXLE Hub will automatically assign your drivers to dispatches using Chorus Logistics’ proprietary algorithms.
  • Transporter Assignment – if you use third-party transporters, AXLE Hub can automatically choose the optimum transporter for your open dispatches.
  •  Scheduled Orders – enter orders to create recurring dispatches daily, weekly, monthly, or annually automatically in AXLE Hub.

Is AXLE Hub and Chorus Logistics the Right Choice for Me?

Yes, if you are looking for diverse commodity support. Chorus’ system can be configured for your operations and the commodity you transport, whether you are a transporter, midstream, or energy company.

Yes, if you want to optimize dispatch and transport. Our proprietary optimization algorithms can assign transporter, drivers, routes, and equipment which will increase efficiency by improving the decision-making process.

Yes, if you want automated invoicing and driver payroll. Our products will get you paid faster by significantly improving the speed and accuracy of the invoicing process.

Yes, if you are looking for tangible cost savings. Chorus’ system will make a positive impact on cash flow by reducing empty miles, improving driver analytics, and making the invoicing process faster and easier.

Final Thoughts

Our single vendor, one solution offering is unique to the transportation industry. We provide holistic solutions built on the most up-to-date technology that also keeps scalability and performance in mind. 

At Chorus Logistics, our goal isn’t simply to be the low-cost provider – we want to be the best value provider in the industry. Our pricing flexibility gives our customers the ability to run state-of-the-art software at a cost that makes sense. Contact us today to schedule a software demonstration and see how the Chorus Logistics system can be configured to meet your needs.