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The Virtual Office You Need

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Our cloud-based commodity transportation software is the virtual office you need. Oil prices are in free fall, stock markets are nose-diving, and COVID-19 is on the rise. Businesses of all sizes are struggling to figure out how to handle the disruption this is causing their operations.

During this unprecedented and uncertain time, there are many things beyond our control. And while the way we do business has changed, we still have work that needs to be done.  

Now more than ever before, it’s imperative for companies to be connected digitally by using remote applications. In order to provide the goods and services your customers need, and to generate the income your business needs, you must have software that enables you to carry on during this world-wide pandemic.  
The key to working outside a physical office is to have the ability to not only maintain your business operations but to increase them. By finding new efficiencies and mediums to connect with your customers, you not only sustain cash flow, you increase it. 

With the right software and technology, you can maintain a virtual office from your home, your vehicle, and anywhere that you can use your phone, tablet, or PC. 
Our Chorus commodity transportation solution is one of these digital devices that can help support your business during this crisis as well as manage this new virtual officing environment that has become the new normal.

Here are five ways we believe our cloud-based system, AXLE Hub, can benefit your business, especially during this critical time:

  1.  It can adapt to corporate; supplier, customer, and regulator needs with the lowest in-house staff and the highest return on investment.
  2.  It will optimize your own fleet or 3rd party carriers with full loads and busy trucks and drivers.
  3.  It can create dispatch schedules and provide real-time tracking of trucks and routes.
  4.  It allows you to view real-time run tickets and operating data using our analytics dashboard.
  5. It provides fully automated calculations for invoicing and payroll that can be paperless! 

To maximize your business, optimize your fleet, and effectively compete in this volatile market, it’s vital that you have quality information systems in place. Contact us today for more information about Chorus Logistics or our cloud-based transportation management system.